MD AAHAM Board of Directors  2018 - 2019

MD AAHAM President

Kayla D'Agostino, CRCE 

Executive Board Members 

2nd Vice President

Kate Austin, CRCE

Chairman of the Board

Erin Miskelly, CRCE


Legal Counsel

Gene Friedman


Hollie Miller


John Thomson


MD AAHAM Board of Directors


Gary Hickman


KC Lycett


Pete Leonard


Jackie Lauber, CRCS

Amy Weber, CRCP


Mike Watkins, CRCE


Kim Cobb-Jimenez, CRCS


Toby Muller, CRCE, CRCS, CCT


Karen Moore, CRCE


Marina Himes, CRCE


Pete Ash, Jr., CRCS

MD AAHAM AdHoc Board Members


Miguel Wilkins


Christopher Mazzulli


Scott London, Esq.

We have taken the initiative to create the organization, assemble essential, rudimentary information and present it in a format to benefit you. We have assembled crucial documents from state and local governments and other institutions to formulate a complete and comprehensive collection of documents, laws and information to serve your needs. This has been a gratifying but massive and extensive undertaking. Our objectives are to increase awareness, to encourage development, to examine issues, facilitate exchange of information, to promote our interests and to assist and support our members. This Association exists solely to benefit our members. It is your association. It is not the founders or the Board of Directors. There may be some that will ask the question, how can this association benefit me? The concept is clear. United we can accumulate the best ideas and the best information to provide the best solutions to our problems and situations. This information can be assembled from the best minds, the best leaders, the best managers and then the best information and solutions will be available to all members of this association. The greatest value in accumulating this knowledge and information is that it can be used to inform and educate everyone.

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