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MD AAHAM Committees


Chairman of the Board - Erin Miskelly, CRCE/CRCS   

Chapter Excellence - Marina Himes, CRCE

Charity Outreach – Stacie Hamilton

President - Kayla D'Agostino, CRCE (Certification Chair)

Executive Certification Committee - Toby Muller, CRCE

Specialist/Professional/Integrity Certification Committee - Jaclyn Lauber, CRCE/CRCP/CPC

Administrative Coordinator for Examinations - Toby Muller, CRCE 

1st Vice President - Kate Austin, CRCE (Events Chair) 

Special Events-Annual Institute - Beth Franzak, CRCE
Vendors/Sponsors – Nicholas Miskelly, CRCE

2nd Vice President - K.C. Lycett (Education Chair)

Event Promotion/CVent/Social Media - Chris Mazzulli

Chapter Outreach - Pete Ash, CRCS, Pete Leonard, and Mike Watkins, CRCE

Educational Recruitment- Scott Foster


Secretary - Karen Moore, Secretary, CRCE  (Communications Chair)

Communications - Miguel Wilkens

Newsletter - Nicole Kreamer


Treasurer - Amy Weber, CRCP, CCT, CPC (Chair)

Membership - Gary Hickman

Finance and Bylaws - Amy Weber, CRCP, CPC, CCT

Legal Counsel - Gene Friedman

Legislative Liaison - Scott London


To join a commitee contact
Kayla D'Agostino
Contact information can be found at the
Board of Directors Information Page
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