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The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM) is the premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management.  AAHAM's mission is to provide education, certification, networking, and advocacy for healthcare revenue cycle professionals. 

The Maryland Chapter continues this mission at a local level through our continued education. 

State of the MD AAHAM Chapter from our Chapter President

Dear Maryland AAHAM Members,

It is my distinct honor to again serve for 2020-2021 as the chapter president with the support of some of the brightest in our healthcare industry. I am very excited about a new term full of possibilities. Our Board of Directors, chosen by the members, are also very excited to showcase their talents and propel us to a new level.

It is also a a great privilege to see members supporting fellow members in this volunteer mission that can be challenging, but very rewarding. The bright future that we are moving towards was paved through the hard work our previous board members and past presidents. Those who have come before us have set the groundwork for our new Board of Directors and members to make this term one of the greatest! 

We are only a success because of those who have come before us...

Past Maryland Presidents                        

Carlton Bennett 1972                                  Gene Giordano 1973                              

Jack Raphael 1974                                  

Ray Sweigert 1975                                 

Mel Jeffers 1976- 1977                           

Margaret Gingrich 1978-1979                    

Marty Burgess 1980-1983                          

Leslie Hample 1984-1985                           

Clay Cieslack 1986-1987                           

Bill Foster 1988-1989                                 

Sandi Enrique 1990-1991

Connie Clark 1992-1993

Bill Fries 1994-1995

Jeff Karns 1996-1997

Collette Loskarn 1998-1999

Erma Brutcher 2000-2001

Danna Orlando 2002-2003

Nelson Lowman 2004-2005

Charlie Myers 2006-2007

Christine Fontaine 2008-2009

Kate Clark 2010-2011

Beth Franzak 2012-2013

Kristina Mori 2014-2015

Erin Miskelly 2016-2017

Kayla D'Agostino 2018-2019

Past DC Presidents

Ruth Warnken 2001-2002                       

Rose Dunphy 2003-2004

Cecelia Moore 2005-2006

Pete Ash 2007-2008

Louanne (Diano) Zayas 2009

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